The Scotsman

".....another adroitly aligned bill began with Canadian cellist Christine Hanson and Scottish fiddler Iain Fraser, a duo dedicated – in like-minded fashion to Fraser’s illustrious sibling Alasdair – to reinvigorating the once-traditional Scottish partnership between their instruments.

Their intricately patterned, mutually questing interplay expanded these horizons to embrace evocative original compositions – including a delectable waltz from Hanson’s 2005 New Voices composition, The Cremation of Sam McGee – and a set highlighting Ukrainian and First Nations contributions to the Canadian melting-pot. In the words of young Shetland quartet Väir, as they took the stage after: “That was pure class.”

Celtic Connections 2016, The Piping Centre, Glasgow

The Highland Times

"....Christine's cello and Iain's fiddle worked magic together; top musicians both, the warm and complementary tones of the instruments wove around each other, their mellifluous and inventive playing a mesmerising duet of colour and emotion, at times playful, at times wistful, but always beautiful."